My Morning Ritual

I said on Instagram a few days ago that I was going to start sharing more of what I do off the mat to stay healthy, as well as on it. Today I thought i’d start with my morning ritual.

Rituals are important. When we repeat the same tasks over and over we create a new neural pathway in the brain, or a habit. A huge part of making self care a priority in your life is simply about swapping out old habits that no longer serve us, with new ones that do. We want these little wellness rituals we practice to be so ingrained in our routine that we don’t even think about doing them, it’s as automatic as brushing our teeth.

So here is what I do each morning in order to maximise my vitality and set myself up for the day in the best way possible

  1. Tongue Scraping

    According to Ayurveda the breath is one of the main pathways the body eliminates waste from the body, and overnight a residue of that waste or Ama builds up on the tongue. It’s important that we don’t swallow that furry stuff back into the body as it’s toxic. So first thing I do upon waking is give my teeth a quick brush and then scrape my tongue. Aside from not reabsorbing yucky waste back into the body, you also have MUCH fresher breath, trust me on this! You can buy tongue scrapers from any good health food store, or online

2. Meditate
Before I get distracted, or make excuses not to, the second thing I always do is sit down and meditate for 20 mins. I’ve been practicing Vedic meditation for about 7 years now and it has been the most transformative and beneficial thing i’ve done for my health. Taking time to sit quietly and de-excite the mind in an effortless and easy fashion sets the tone for the day. It allows me to start work in a state of calm, clear presence – an absolute necessity as a teacher and healer

3. Practice gratitude
As I come out of my meditation I like to spend a couple of extra moments with my eyes closed to reflect on 3 things i’m grateful for right now. Some days this is just small, simple things like a warm bed, that the sun is shining and i’m about to eat a delicious brekkie. Other days i’m expressing gratitude that friends or loved ones are coming through difficult times, or that my body and mind are healthy after a long period when they weren’t. Practicing gratitude is a powerful tool for manifesting abundance into your life. Like attracts like, so focus on what you do already have rather than what you lack

4. Probiotic
There is a wealth of research showing how healthy our gut is plays a huge role in role in how well or otherwise we feel. Studies suggest that up to 80- 90% of our immunity comes from the lining of the gut wall, and that the gut is like a second brain. Stress, poor diet, alcohol & medications can all play havoc on the digestive system, weakening the lining of the gut wall resulting in a host of chronic health issues. So the fourth part of my routine is encouraging the growth of good bacteria in the gut through quality pro and prebiotics. I take probiotic capsules and drink prebiotic powders as they are quick and easy, but you can also do things like add fermented veg to meals or eat kefir yoghurt.

I’m trying out the Beauty Chef’s Glow Pre & Probiotic Powder right now. You can buy it here

5. Movement
The final part of my daily routine is some form of movement. I used to have an eating disorder, so exercising can be a bit of a trigger for me. I have spent a lot of time reframing my mindset from looking at exercise as something I have to do as punishment because of what I ate the day before or week before, to viewing movement as medicine for my body – something that nourishes, replenishes and leaves me feeling energised all day, never depleted. I mix it up a lot, in part so I don’t become obsessive, but also because i’m really trying to tune into what my body is craving in that moment, rather than what I think it needs.



In addition to these 5 steps I also usually cook myself breakfast. However I haven’t included this step as some days I practice intermittent fasting. Again, this is something that can trigger my ED so I don’t do it every day, just when the body tells me it needs a break from food first thing.

Hope this has been helpful. Love to hear what your morning routine looks like.