About Mindfulness

“the present moment is filled with joy and happiness, if you are attentive you will see it” – Thich Nhat Than

Mindfulness is the practice of observing the present moment in a relaxed, non-judgemental fashion. It’s a process of training the mind to be awake, to be here and now, rather than lost in thought.

Studies show that we experience similar benefits from practicing mindfulness as we do from meditation. Mindfulness is said to help lower blood pressure, improve immune function, reduce levels of stress hormones in the body, help manage pain, reduce the incidence of anxiety and depression and improve mental clarity, focus and creativity.

However, unlike meditation which is usually a seated, eyes closed discipline of stilling the mind, mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, anytime, with anything, making it the perfect technique to build into a busy life.

The StillPoint teaches corporate mindfulness programs to clients in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, St Leonards, Cromer and Mosman. However, the StillPoint is also available to teach interstate, or at conferences and team building days outside of the Sydney region.