Debbie is a certified yoga teacher, meditation teacher and energy healer with a passion for helping people to improve their health and wellbeing.

Although first introduced to yoga at the age of 17, her journey towards becoming a teacher began later in the corporate world, where she spent many years working high stress, demanding jobs in advertising, marketing and not-for-profits. Every couple of years during this period, Debbie would suffer from crippling bouts of illness that would leave her unwell for months on end. In 2007 she was finally diagnosed with relapsing – remitting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a debilitating and often misunderstood illness. Searching for answers to help her to heal, she was drawn to practice yoga again. And through yoga, was taught to meditate. The improvement in her health was almost instantaneous, and lasting. Fascinated, she began to study and explore the correlation between body, mind and lasting wellness.

As Debbie navigated her journey back to full health, she began passing on to friends and co-workers the wellbeing knowledge she was accumulating. And in doing so, discovered her true passion in life – to help others to improve how they feel.

In 2013 she left the corporate world to teach the StillPoint programs full time. It is her belief that she went through her health struggles for a reason. And that is so she can guide others as they undertake their own journey back to wellness and vitality.


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