Corporate Meditation Classes

“Meditation takes you beyond the mind’s noisy chatter into the pure awareness that is the source of all your happiness, inspiration and love” – Deepak Chopra

In order for us to truly experience health and vitality, it is not enough for us to just take care of the body, regular care and attention must also be paid to the mind.

Therefore the StillPoint believes that regular and ongoing meditation classes are an essential component of any corporate wellbeing program.

Usually run as a ‘drop in’ session at lunchtime, these classes give students time out to recharge, an opportunity to ask any questions that may be coming up for them about their meditations, or allow them to reignite their practice if life has pulled them away from it.

The StillPoint teaches ongoing meditation classes to corporate workplaces throughout the Sydney region, with clients in North Sydney, Sydney CBD, St Leonards, Cromer and Mosman. Current and previous clients include blue chip companies such as Woolworths, KPMG, Diageo, Carnival Australia, Free TV & Roche

Corporate Meditation Classes usually take the following format:

  • 30 minute lunchtime classes
  • Can be taught weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Teaching of a different meditation technique each session
  • Access to recordings of any techniques practiced in class

For more information and prices, please get in touch.