Meditation Workshops

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt” – St Francis de Sales

A meditation workshop is a fantastic forum for teaching corporate clients new to meditation the knowledge and skills to start to develop their own practice. But learning to sit in stillness with the busyness of our minds takes patience and repetition. So the recommendation is that clients start with the introductory workshop, then cement their understanding with follow up classes.

The StillPoint teaches corporate meditation workshops predominantly around the Sydney metropolitan area, with clients in North Sydney, St Leonards, Sydney CBD, Mosman and Cromer.

However, the StillPoint is also available to teach workshops interstate, or if clients have gathered just outside of the Sydney area for a conference or team building day.

The StillPoint offers the following introductory workshop:

An Introduction to Meditation

  • A prerequisite before taking any of the other classes
  • 60 minute workshop
  • students gain a basic understanding of what meditation is and isn’t
  • learn how meditation can be of benefit to them personally and professionally
  • how to implement a meditation home practice
  • teaching of 3 meditation techniques
  • access to recordings of any techniques practiced in class