Wellbeing Workshops

“Health is much more than the absence of disease. It is a state of complete mental, physical and emotional wellbeing” – Unknown

Corporate Wellbeing workshops introduce clients to the knowledge and skills they need to create new, healthy and sustainable habits to improve their health.

Workplace workshops also give employees an opportunity to slow down, to recharge, process stress and press the reset button on their day.

The StillPoint teaches predominantly in the Sydney area, with clients in North Sydney, Sydney CBD, St Leonards, Mosman and Cromer.

The following corporate wellbeing workshops are offered.

Simple Stress Management

  • 60 minute workshop
  • An introduction into what stress is, why it’s so bad for us and what it does to the body long-term
  • How we can learn to manage the stress in our life

Workshop Includes:

  • Knowledge session
  • Basic stress management techniques
  • Either gentle yoga or guided relaxation
  • Access to any recordings of techniques practiced in class
  • A wellbeing reminder email

The Power of the Breath

  • 60 minute workshop
  • What happens to the breath when we’re stressed and what it does to the body
  • How learning to breathe correctly can have a dramatic impact on both mental and physical health

Workshop Includes:

  • Knowledge session
  • Teaching of 3 x breathing techniques
  • Guided relaxation
  • Access to recordings of any techniques practiced in class
  • A wellbeing reminder email

For more information and prices, please get in touch.