Best of Bali – Ubud Cafes

I’ve been travelling to Bali at least once a year for over 10 years now, with a lot of that time spent in Ubud. I’m always asked for tips on where to go and what to do. So after my most recent trip I thought i’d put together a list of some of my fave spots, starting with Ubud cafes.

Ubud is a town centred around yoga and wellness, and the food is a reflection of the community – most vegetarian, organic, locally sourced and super healthy. But don’t let the abundance of green juice and healing tonics put you off because the food is also good, seriously good.

Here are my favourite places to eat in Ubud

1. Alchemy
Jl Raya Penestanan

This healthy food mecca is a couple of minutes drive out of town but totally worth the visit. Head over the bridge then up the hill into the village of Penestanan.

Alchemy is known for the make your own salad bar, the extensive selection of juices and raw cacao treats.
It might sound a bit weird to get excited about a salad bar, but I swear the veggies have been grown by fairies they taste that good.

alchemy salad 2

2. Clear Cafe
Jl Campuhan

From alchemy head back down the hill to the main road into town. Just by the bridge is Clear Cafe, probably the most popular of Ubud’s healthy cafe scene. It is always full of expats and tourists doing what you do in Ubud when you’re not in yoga class – hanging out in the cafes for hours, chatting, eating and drinking.
They have a big menu that caters to both raw and cooked healthy foodies.

3. Soma
Jl Goutama No 2


Now in a much larger and better location than their previous incarnation, this is one of my face places to hang out in Ubud.
They have an extensive and delicious raw food menu. I love the gado gado rolls, the gluten free wraps and of course, the raw cacao treats.
Try going on a Saturday when they have set menu brunch, market stalls in the shaded garden and local musicians playing for a taste of the local Ubud community.

4. Atman
Jl Hanoman

When I lived in Ubud for a few months a couple of years ago this was my local, so I have a real soft spot for this cafe. It’s less well know and busy than some of the other Ubud cafes and i’m not quite sure why as the food is epic!
Try the breakfast – tofu scramble, spinach eggs on homemade rice bread, or if you’re feeling like being super decadent – the chocolate pancakes are next level
They also do a fantastic gado gado and veggie nasi goring

                    tofu scramble                               gado gado atman

5. Kafe and Garden Kafe
Kafe can be found on Jl Hanoman. Garden Kafe is inside the Yoga Barn

Two Ubud institutions that are always packed full of expats, yogis, healers and tourists alike.
I love hanging out for a couple of hours between classes, people watching and listening to some of the hilarious Ubud conversations.
The last time I was there I had two people on one side of me choosing what crystal necklaces they should wear by reading the energy of the crystal using a pendant, and on the other side a group of yogis talking about how amazing tibetan bowl meditation was the night before (fyi they were right, it was!)

6. Sari Organik or Pomegranate
From Jl Raya Ubud walk as if you’re heading to the bridge. Before the bridge there is a path into the rice fields. Sari Organiks is about a 15 minute walk through the rice paddies and Pomegranate is just before it.

To be honest I don’t really go to either place for the food or drinks, I go because it’s peaceful and the view over the rice fields are incredible. Definitely worth the walk out.

Pomegranate Cafe Ubud

There are so, so many other amazing places to eat in Ubud, but these are the ones that I visit every time I go back. I recommend not eating breakfast at your hotel so you can try as many meals, smoothies and raw treats as your tummy will allow. Enjoy!